About us

Solnus is a national and international software export company.

Virtual Reality


It is the most effective technology due to its ability to achieve the closest recreation and immersive experience to what would be a real situation.


It allows you to create many more at a lower cost and with rapid execution, reducing the field work period and being able to do it without having to leave our work room.


Different behaviors, situations and scenarios can be provoked to measure consumer reactions, behaviors and preferences.


Facilitates the development of skills and competencies


Helps those who cannot leave their homes experience a fuller life.


We create virtual reality scenarios noticing every detail for a unique experience

What includes virtual reality?


Processes and procedures related to the creation of virtual scenarios for all types of ages and situations.


We design virtual scenarios taking into account every detail so that it is even more similar to reality


We guarantee all the scenarios and we test in our studio with each client

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