Do your pre-professional internships at solnus

Apply to our internships and be part of the solnus team and find out about the real world of technology

Don’t worry about equipment, the enterprise will provide all the equipment necesary for working, and also there is a person delegated that will accompany you during the process, the minimun time of internships in our enterprise is of 6 months (it could be less, depends of dedication, last internship only last 2 months, and we hired). During this time you will learn how real life works, its an amazing opportunity. 

Available until thursday 2nd.
Tests will be about logic, common sense and basic programming. It will be taken on Friday 9th since 9 am.


Please fill this information about you


Let us know about your time availability


Tell us about your strengths and what you want to learn


Its not mandatory, but you should have one

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