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Solnus is a national and international software export company.

Digital Marketing


We analyze the causes and reasons why certain actions do not lead to optimal results. We analyze the KPIs (Key Performace Indicators) to redirect the most convenient strategies and tactics for each case. We optimize and dedicate the resources and time that are necessary to increase business opportunities.


The budgets of a digital marketing campaign are usually elastic and adjustable, with which they are within the reach of any company, even medium and small ones. Everything is measurable and pivotable, and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to check if the results are as expected


Some of the segmentation categories apply: sex, location, age, language, country, cultural level or consumption habits, among others. Digital marketing allows you to carry out a much more personalized segmentation based on what the client has done or not done, their status, her interest, etc.


The digital marketing actions that we create have an immediate result and generate a powerful brand asset. It is an asset that makes the user remember it.


The common point of the users of this community is that they have a similar interest in the content that you disclose. Having your own community, apart from creating branding, allows you to meet and interact directly with your customers and potential consumers.

Permanent and omnipresent

All the content we create is an asset for the company, always being dynamic. The Internet allows you to be everywhere. Borders are broken, but there is a struggle to capture the user's attention.

What includes digital marketing?

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