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Solnus is a national and international software export company.

Mobile application development


The app will be continuously and visible on the user's smartphone, so the presence of the brand will always be in the customer's mind.


You will be able to create a stronger relationship with your users, since you will be as close to them as they are to their devices. You can send notifications with promotions, discounts, offers, surveys and much more


Your app allows you to give the user a personalization of the information they need on their smartphone.


Son pocos comercios o empresas tienen una aplicación propia. Si, por ejemplo, tu negocio es la venta de productos en línea, es muy posible que el usuario prefiera comprar en tu app que en la página web de cualquier otro vendedor.

Optimized content

All the content that you upload to your app will be optimized for mobile phones, so there will be no errors with images and texts that are cut off, for example.

User experiences

Push notifications are a great example of this, as they will give the user the information they need when they need it.

What includes an Mobile application development?


Processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and other portable devices.


The first screens and sketches of the application are designed.
Among these sketches will be the drawing of the interface, which should show its main functions, as well as its structure and access to functions.


It is the verification and validation of the prioritized metrics according to the user experience, the population to which it is directed, the type of mobile application, the type of device, the technological platform used for its development and execution.

Cost and time

The development time of a mobile application is related to the content they want to add.

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