The expository-interactive methodology is used, in which the VR resource guide presents the contents and the different scenarios that can be visualized so that the patient knows, assimilates and relates them in the case of knowing them, in addition the patient has an active participation at all times.

They can visit other cities, other countries, even other planets, using virtual reality equipment, without making big moves, it does’t have age limit, children, youth and adults enjoy this technology, we prepare content for all ages.


FUNSOLCA Volunteering is a group located in Loja – Ecuador where people spontaneously contribute, collaborate and strengthen support and solidarity activities for cancer patients.


The FUNSOLCA Volunteer in Solca Loja has been developing a work of solidarity support for cancer patients and their families, with limited economic resources, for 24 years.


The foundation is developing several additional activities aimed at strengthening solidarity and social assistance to cancer patients in general and the most vulnerable in particular, together with their families.



The president of FUNSOLCA, Lic. Cora Cameron de Samaniego, is leading various activities that increase the flow of donations, “An agreement with your heart” is where our company SOLNUS is part of the weekly visits of distraction and recreation through virtual reality with cancer patients. The virtual reality sessions have no cost, neither for the patients nor for the hospital, everything is sponsored by our company <<Solnus>>. You can explore some of our community engagement projects here.


Every week we generate new scenery content for SOLCA patients.

We display virtual scenarios as entertainment for cancer patients, such as virtual tourism, animated stories or space traveling.

We use quality VR devices (Oculus Quest 2) for a better experience with correct device operation.


We bring you some photos of the work done, as you can see many of these people are receiving their chemotherapy, while they are distracted with virtual reality, they travel to other countries, they jump from a parachute, for a moment they forget that they are hospitalized.

Do you want to replicate it?

Contact Us for replicating it in other cities or countries, we appreciate to be in touch with you, we want to reach all over the world with this technology, people really like and need it, let us know if you want to replicate it in your city or if you want to be volunteer.


We are shure that together can help a lot of people.

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